Embarrassing Moments at Latest e-Meeting – 28 April 2020

e-meeting in progress using Zoom platform No this wasn’t the usual Rotary meeting embarrassments like members accidently passing wind during the meal or falling asleep before the evening’s speaker had finished (no names –no pack drill, but where the cap fits…….!). This was an evening of tales of embarrassing ... More

***Cancelled owing to Coronavirus*** 14th ROTARY BEACH CLEAN

Get ready for the 14th Annual Rotary Beach Clean on Sat 4 April 2020 (0900-1230 hours) and help keep South Ayrshire’s beaches beautiful. This takes place over a dozen or so beaches on the South Ayrshire Coast. Most of these are managed and led by Ayr Rotary Club members but other beaches are organised by the Rotary Clubs ... More

Two Treasure Chest Awards – 11 February 2020

Our Treasure Chest Fund made two well-deserved £250 award presentations at last week’s club meeting. The first award was to the Ayrshire Echo Association which was set up to relieve the blind, or the partially blind, or those labouring under some temporary or permanent incapacity or disability which makes reading a ... More

Macmillan Cancer Support – 4 February 2020

Ayr Rotary Club recently welcomed Linda Allan, a representative of Macmillan Cancer Support, who gave a detailed account of the care and support that Macmillan are doing.  It was founded in 1911 by Douglas Macmillan whose father had just died of cancer. Linda worked for the NHS for 34 years as an occupational therapist ... More

Another Treasure Chest Award – 28 January 2019

Fiona Cowan was the grateful recipient of our latest Treasure Chest award of £250. She is a local girl and a registered paediatric nurse on a mission. Along with ten pupils from St Margaret’s Academy, Fiona is going on her third trip to Romania with the Smiles Foundation Christian charity to help people, mostly childr... More

Oor Annual Burns Supper – 21 January 2020

An unco guid time was had by all at this year’s Burns supper wi’ aw the honest lads and bonnie lasses fair turnt oot in their best claes. The Savoy Park Hotel was bizzen from the start as the members and guests gathered for what was, tae be shair, a braw nicht. Into the company of the (nearly) great and the ... More

Willie Stewart’s Xmas Quiz – 17 December 2019

It’s that time of year again but it couldn’t be avoided! Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas quiz was as fiendishly difficult as ever and it was evident in his introduction that he took a malevolent delight in inflicting this annual mental torture once again on his class of dunderheads. Who knew that it was Tom ... More

Sock it to Sepsis – 1 October 2019

Gill Thomson, freelances with the Sepsis Research charity FEAT which acronym came from the trust which was originally set up by Craig Stobo, the widower of tragic victim of Sepsis, Fiona Elizaberh Agnew, who died along with her unborn child 7 years ago. It is the UK’s only Sepsis research charity.   Gill is ... More

Laura Logan shows off her Medal – 1 October 2019

  Laura Logan, from Coylton, was a member of the GB team who came first in the Downs Syndrome European Swimming Championships, held in Olbia, Sardinia last month, beating 19 other nations. Laura, personally, reached the 200m butterfly final, achieving personal bests from seven races, and won a bronze medal in the ... More

Hazel McCully – Holistic Therapist – 17 September 2019

The members’ meeting room smelt much sweeter than usual last Tuesday. The reason became apparent after the meal when vice-president Hazel McCully revealed her therapy table which contained all manner of intriguing lotions and potions. Those of us closest to it had thought that that we had inadvertently come to the wrong ... More