Upcoming Meetings

The next two meetings are:

Burns Supper- Partners Evening

Host / Reception : President Ieuan
VOT: Jimmy Begg

Arrive at 6pm for seating at 6.30pm
When: Tue January 21 18:30 - 22:00

Club Business Meeting

Reception: TBC
When: Tue January 28 18:00 - 19:30

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Where and When

Weekly meetings are held:

• Savoy Park Hotel, Ayr
• Tuesday 5.30 to 7.30pm
• Other informal meetings in members' homes
• Project work - anytime to suit

New Morning Meetings
• Fox and Willow Hotel, Ayr
• Thursday 7.45am to 8.45am
• First and third Thursday of the month

New Members Welcome!

Thinking of joining the Rotary Club of Ayr?

We are one of the largest and most active clubs in Ayrshire, and indeed in the whole of District 1230, covering the west of Scotland, and have been successful in recruiting new members recently. Come along to a meeting to find out why these  people joined our club.

Aquabox Latest

New Video

One of our major on-going projects is to support Aquabox. Have a look at their new video. More information on our Aquabox page

Dates for your Diary

  • Burns Supper 21 January 2020 6pm – Savoy Park Hotel

Photo of the Month Award

Our new feature is proving popular, with fierce competition for the coveted bottle of wine. This month the winning entry is Corsehill Park in Autumn. New rules for this competition will be announced imminently.

Tribute to Rob Keating from Aquabox

One of the longest-standing Aquabox ambassadors, Rob Keating of the Rotary Club of Ayr, died recently. Rob was a passionate and loyal supporter of Aquabox, and his efforts over the years of his involvement cannot be overstated. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Rotary District 1010 Conference in Aberdeen in October, and he made what could have been a long day speed past. Little did I know that shortly after this, Rob was to receive a dreadful prognosis, and it is a testimony to his commitment that he attended the conference when obviously unwell. The Aquabox ambassadors are the lifeblood of our charity, and Rob was a jewel among this group. He and his Aquabox team raised funds which have provided access to clean drinking water to many hundreds of people in need across the world. Roz Adamson


Rotary Club of Ayr

The Rotary Club of Ayr has over 50 members and is active in our local, national and international communities. We meet every Tuesday, 5.45 for 6.00pm, at the Savoy Park Hotel, Ayr. Please take a few moments to visit our website, to see the service work we do in our communities. We are a very active Rotary Club, in service and in fellowship. And from fellowship, friendships grow. If you would like to know more about Rotary and in particular, The Rotary Club of Ayr, send an email to rotaryclubofayr@gmail.com.
Rotary Club of Ayr
Rotary Club of Ayr
Did you know that the Rotary Club of Ayr supports a wide variety of projects right here in Ayr? We help individuals and small groups as well as bigger projects, trying to make a difference to local lives. In recent times we have helped Ayrshire Women's Hub, Unity Grill and local swimmer Laura Logan with grants from our Treasure Chest. We support the Ayr Salvation Army / Ayr Community Church food bank with food donations at the end of each month, and the ‘jeely jar’ goes round the meeting each week with the contents periodically donated to a local cause - recently Crossroads South Ayrshire Care Attendant Scheme were the recipients. Do you belong to a local organisation or project that could do with some help? Why not get in touch to discuss what we might be able to do to support you. Ayr Rotary, making a difference.
Rotary Club of Ayr
Rotary Club of Ayr
Aquabox update, and a moment to remember Rob Keating, our Aquabox champion, so sadly missed.