Life in the Raws – 2 June 2021

A knowledgeable and sincere speaker, Neil Findlay, a former MSP, spoke to the members about “Life in the Raws”, the title of his book on memories of a Shale-Oil Village in West Lothian. The book is essentially the life story of John ‘Jock’ Findlay, Neil’s grandfather, and was largely written by Jock himself in his […]

Ayrshire Cancer Support

Laura Brown and Louise Graham from Ayrshire Cancer Support were the guest speakers at Ayr Rotary on Tuesday evening. Louise explained the practical workings of the charity and how Laura will talk about the exciting plans for the new premises, formally St Andrews Hotel, on Prestwick Road, Ayr. Since 1982 they have been providing emotional […]

Gavin McCully – Job Talk – 4 May 2021

Gavin McCully is a self-confessed grammar school drop-out and yet has worked on numerous mega-projects around the world. In his recent job-talk to the members he explained how this had come about and described some of these fascinating projects in which he has been involved. Gavin left school at 16 and straightaway set off on […]

Inconvenience Store

Can you imagine how, if you and your family were struggling in this current economic situation, you would feel if you found a shop, stocking all your needs from sanitary products and soap to rice crispies, canned fruit and bakeries, that only asked you pay what you could afford for whatever quantity of shopping you […]

Litter and Waste – A National Emergency

  Barry Fisher and Chris Johnson – 27 April 2021 These were the first speakers invited to talk to the club specifically to address environmental matters since the creation of the club’s Environment Committee. The setting up of the committee was in response to Rotary International’s granting of Environment as the 7th Area of Focus […]

Rotary helps get meals out to the vulnerable

Rotarian Charlie Steele is seen with Margo Masson, Volunteer Coordinator of Vics in the Community about to go out with food to go to vulnerable families in North Ayr, an area particularly affected by the Covid pandemic.  Vics have been an extremely valuable support to their community in these challenging times and Ayr Rotary has […]

Lies, Damned Lies – 20 April 2021

Is it easier to lie convincingly through the technology of a Zoom virtual meeting than in an actual physical situation? Well, the Ayr Rotarians had a good try at it when nine individuals “volunteered” to try their luck at convincing fellow members of the veracity of some outrageous stories in the manner of the popular […]

Karla Johnson from Community Learning Development

Karla Johnson spoke to Ayr Rotary about her role in Community Learning Development (CLD) and in particular the extensive involvement with Dalmilling Primary School. Following on from her success with Newton Primary on delivering programmes which empowered people individually and collectively to make positive changes in their lives and communities, Karla was asked to join […]

Andy Slater – Rotary Systems Overview

On 30 March 2021, we were given an in-depth talk from Andy Slater, on the mysterious workings of the Rotary websites and IT systems. Andy worked in the IT industry for forty years, so really does know his way around systems. He has been in Rotary since 1992, a founder member of Irvine Seagate, Past […]

New Member Julie Bain

Ayr Rotary Club are delighted to welcome its newest member, Julie Bain. Originally from Glasgow, where she studied applied physics with electronics and worked in engineering, Julie and husband Derek, along with their two sons moved from Dufftown to Ayr, where she was involved with youth and family support work through St Andrews church for […]