Youth Speaks Competition Debate

Seven school teams entered the Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition held at Belmont School recently. Belmont Academy, Kyle Academy and Wellington School each represented the seniors category, which is for ages 14 to 17, with Kyle submitting two teams. The other intermediate category, for 11 to 14 years of age, received entries from Queen Margaret Academy, Kyle Academy and Wellington School.

The premise for each team of three pupils is a free subject choice for which there is a proposer and an opposer. Three independent judges, each from an educational background, measured delivery, manner and control of debate, process and summary. The pupils from each school demonstrated thorough understanding and research of their topics, showing professionalism and confidence on stage, in front of a large audience.

Kyle Academy Seniors (team 1) proposed; Unpaid Internships should be discouraged

Belmont Academy Seniors proposed; Determination trumps free will

Kyle Academy Seniors (team2) proposed; Schools and universities are too reliant on high stakes exams

Wellington School Intermediates proposed; The rise of true crime is regrettable

Kyle Academy Intermediates proposed; Private schools should be abolished

Queen Margaret Academy Intermediates proposed; Social media are malign

Wellington School Intermediates proposed; Schools should teach national history only

After careful deliberation and consideration, the judges made their decision. Kyle Academy Seniors team 1 and Kyle Academy Seniors team 2 went through to the Rotary District heats in Glasgow as did Kyle Academy Intermediates and Wellington School Intermediaries.

Douglas Haddow delivered a humerous and grateful vote of thanks to all participants, Belmont Academy for the use of their assembly hall and all who attended in the audience.