Willie Stewart’s Xmas Quiz 2022

It’s that time of year again and it couldn’t be avoided! Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas Quiz (or “guessing game” as it should really be titled) was as fiendishly difficult as ever and it was evident in his introduction that he took a malevolent delight in inflicting this annual mental torture once again on his class of dunderheads.

And quelle surprise! – we have an intelligent (or lucky?) past-president in Hazel McCully who took top place with a score of 18 from a possible 27. In fact, to call her lucky is a tad unfair considering that Hazel was also the winner last year; a fact that went unacknowledged on the night. So well done once again Hazel.

In his vote of thanks Harry Jackson congratulated Hazel and thanked Willie before paraphrasing Eric Morecambe by claiming that he himself had all the correct answers but not necessarily in the right order. As Willie himself might have said: “You’ll just have to try harder next year Harry.”