Willie Stewart’s Xmas Quiz – 17 December 2019

It’s that time of year again but it couldn’t be avoided! Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas quiz was as fiendishly difficult as ever and it was evident in his introduction that he took a malevolent delight in inflicting this annual mental torture once again on his class of dunderheads. Who knew that it was Tom Smith who invented the Christmas cracker and not the editor of The Sun newspaper? Well Jimmy Begg probably knew since he won the quiz with an impressive 23 points from a possible 28. Hazel McCully and Ron Ireland were close joint second with 21 points each. Douglas Haddow was winner of a special prize (not for the most outrageous festive attire) but he would probably prefer that this is not widely publicised.

Brian Strathern thanked “the dreaded Willie Stewart” for once again inflicting his idea of fun on the members

Douglas & Jimmy