Wheels in Motion visit 16 June 2022

The Ayr Rotary Charity Golf Day in May was a great success, thanks to players, sponsors and prize donors. But the real prize is using the proceeds to help people who really need it. One of the main beneficiaries this year was Wheels in Motion, a Christian organisation which provides hot drinks and food to anyone who turns up, every single week of the year.

Some Rotarians visited their bus recently to see the team in action. It was very moving to see how a small handout makes such a difference to these people. What really came over was the camaraderie amongst them and with the Wheels in Motion volunteers.

You will not find a happier group of people, many of whom just need a few words of comfort and the warmth of a friendly chat. A few we spoke to had addictions, several had kicked the habit and one was now working as a volunteer with another organisation, which helps addicts become clean.

The volunteers in Wheels in Motion, led by Suzanne Algeo must be commended on their dedication and enthusiasm.