Wheels in Motion – Suzanne Algeo

Wheels in Motion is a Christian Charity set up to help support vulnerable people such the homeless, those struggling with addictions throughout Ayrshire, by providing shelter, food and companionship. We aim to provide comfort and hope through the Christian Faith. The charity was setup by Suzanne Algeo, who has been involved with homeless ministries since 2006. At a recent Rotary Club meeting, we were privileged to have Suzanne along to speak to us. Having previously been involved with a Soup Bus Ministry, she was able to see how effective it was and built up strong relationships with people through this informal approach. She felt burdened about this work since then, and really believed that God was calling her to start a local Soup Bus Ministry. With this desire, she started fundraising as a way of getting the ‘Wheels in Motion’ for buying a bus. Very quickly, everything started to fall into place with a bus being provided by Brian Souter of Stagecoach in 2010 and by 2015 with generous donations a new 35 seater bus was bought. It was only when she took this step of faith and put the ‘wheels in motion’ that it all happened and the charity was born.

Until the pandemic, Suzanne and her merry band of around 25 volunteer helpers hadn’t missed a week in 10 years but then with restrictions in force she decided to provide “Luxury in Lockdown” by keeping in touch with around 20 recipients and provided them with three course meals.

With two buses now serving the community, a larger seater and a smaller vehicle, all is not plain sailing said Suzanne, because currently both are off the road either awaiting a part or re submitting to pass an MOT. But her unstinting, unwavering faith enables her to achieve all she can even when there are major obstacles in the way.

In conclusion Suzanne added that her buses are more than a provider of meals but a warm and friendly environment where people feel valued and engaged with non- judgemental caring individuals.

Charlie Steele delivered a meritable vote of thanks