Visit to Kilmarnock Rotary Club, speaker Alexander Fleming on Flemish influence on Scotland

Nigel Lindsay (left) and Diarmid Lindsay (right) representing The Clan Lindsay Society at the launch of the publication Scotland and the Flemish People, with (centre) Alexander Fleming, co-author of the book

It was our pleasure to attend a meeting at the Rotary Club of Kilmarnock on Thursday evening. Our very welcoming hosts ensured we experienced an excellent night of Rotary camaraderie. President Alastair Crabb introduced speaker Alexander Fleming who was on Zoom, a Scottish economist and holds two doctorates, including an Honorary LLD from the University of St. Andrews. A sponsor of the Scotland and the Flemish People project, he has contributed substantially to the research undertaken into the Flemish presence in Scotland. His fascinating presentation kept his audience’s undivided attention, confirming Alex’s thorough detailed knowledge of his specialist topic. He said as adaptable and creative people, Flemish immigrants not only adjusted to Scotland’s very different environment, but left their profound mark on the country’s economic, social and cultural development. From pantiles to golf, from place names to town planning, the evidence of Flemish influence is still readily traceable in Scotland today. This book examines the nature of Flemish settlement in Scotland, the development of economic, diplomatic and cultural links between Scotland and Flanders, and the lasting impact of the Flemish people on Scottish society and culture.