Two New Members Join Ayr Rotary Club

Pat McCall and Hazel McCully are our Club’s newest members.

Pat has a very simple career path. She went to school at 5 years of age and left when she was 58. A very slow learner, she claims. In 1977 Pat began her teaching career and retired as a Deputy Head Teacher in 2015.Throughout her time in education, she had an interest in modern languages, in particular French, and after gaining a PGC (Post Graduate Certificate) contibuted to school, cluster and Authority development teams. After retiring, Pat trained as a Justice of the Peace for the Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway. And if that wasn’t enough, she volunteers in a local second hand bookshop which is part of a social enterprise managed by VASA. Pat has two sons, both of whom live in London. To be able to help with local worthy projects, through the charitable works of Ayr Rotary Club, is the prime reason Pat joined our ranks.


Hazel, a Holistic Therapist, studied in Thailand and Korea and is also a member of the School of Natuaral Health and Sciences. Her husband Gavin, is often away in far flung places around the world, working in the oil industry and therefore Hazel moved back to Scotland from Corfu to be nearer her family of five children and four grandchildren.

Prior to Corfu, where Hazel was a founder member of Rotary Corfu International, she lived and worked in many countries including South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. She is again hopeful to open another business in Scotland in the near future. Therefore with her wide ranging knowledge of other cultures, Hazel is confident that her life experiences can enhance the existing talents present in Ayr Rotary Club and looks forward to being a worthy contributor.