Tuesday 8th March, David Healy on Scientific Experiences

David Healey

David Healey

David Healy joined Giltech in 1988 to develop water soluble compounds and methods for their manufacture for use as controlled delivery and temporary structural applications in medical device implants, tissue engineering substrates and a variety of industrial applications. Has a BSc in Biochemistry, Physiology and Microbiology and a Masters in Bioengineering (Strathclyde University). David has published 15 scientific papers and 26 patents and as our speaker on Tuesday evening, he took us on a whistle stop tour of his business life.

Through its unique water soluble glass, biodegradable polymer, alginate and other polysaccharide technologies, Giltech had established itself as a controlled release systems specialist offering solutions to the scientific, medical device, dental, agricultural, industrial, aquaculture and marine markets.

David talked about how wound management was changing explaining that the whole purpose of a dressing had been to get the wound to dry up, but, he added moist wounds healed better. The Giltech team produce a material which would do the job and they were able to come up with one derived from seaweed which formed a gel and kept the wound moist.

However David’s main focus was on technologies which had been used to produce unique and pioneering products initially within the medical devices arena and identifying applications in non-medical sectors. These core technologies additionally offered the most extensive platform of bio-compatible, environmentally sound and controllable biodegradable technologies. Solution rates for the soluble glasses, for example, explained David, can be formulated to dissolve from minutes to years as required by the application. The blend of versatile technology platforms, deep technical expertise and highly specialised manufacturing processes enabled David’s team to deliver a distinct competitive advantage by offering custom formulations of its technologies for each of its commercial partners.

After the recent demise of Giltech, David set up IDP Services to capitalise on his vast experiences and wealth of scientific knowledge and is pursuing many positive avenues and partnerships. Walter Walsh delivered the vote of thanks.