Tuesday 5th July Iain Ferguson Ayr Race Course

Iain Ferguson started his talk “On the rails” by telling us about his early life as a journalist before going into the world of Horse Racing as PR at the Racecourse in Ayr.

Ian FergusonHe continued by giving a brief history of the old Racecourse on Doonfoot Road, how it was small and the corners were too tight.   He explained about how the New Racecourse was formed  originally at the present site amalgamating with the old Bogside Racecourse and how it was bought over by two business men  a few years ago and completely renovated and brought up to date with three race tracks, more racing and bigger and better prize incentives bringing the best horses to the main races at the Ayr meetings.
Questions were asked at the end of his talk and the vote of thanks was given by  Past President Henry Cooke.