Tuesday 31st May, Kenny Smith Editor of the Ayrshire Post

Kenny Smith, President Douglas with Eileen Haddow & Jacquie Wilson

President Douglas with Kenny Smith, Eileen Haddow Jacquie Wilson

The Rotary Club of Ayr had the pleasure of being entertained by our speaker Kenny Smith, the Editor of the Ayrshire Post at their recent meeting. He provided a chronological career development from his time as a copy boy, through time writing for the Daily Record & Daily Mirror, to his new role as Editor. And then to his audience’s surprise, Kenny announced that his passion is and has been from as long as he could remember, Dr Who! He then proceeded to enthral everyone with his detailed knowledge of the Dr Who characters, plots, villains and monsters. In addition, said Kenny, he writes the monthly Vortex magazine for Big Finish Productions which is a British company that produces books and audio plays (released straight to compact disc and for download in mp3 format) based, primarily, on cult science fiction properties. They are best known for their Doctor Who line. Then Kenny proudly produced a book which he has just completed, a substantial tomb, the Big Finish Companion volume 2, a comprehensive guide to Big Finish releases including Doctor Who, Bernice Summer field, The Tomorrow People, Stargate, and more. Having interviewed many of the “stars” Kenny concluded that David Tennant, and Peter Capaldi were very pleasant however he was racked with nerves when interviewing his hero, Tom Baker. Neil Beattie gave a worthy vote of thanks.