Tuesday 16th February Ieuan Isaac Job Talk

Using awe inspiring photographs of projects from around the world in 
which he has had a major decision making role, Ieuan confidently delivered a chronological walk through his business life, from his early schooling in 
Maesteg, Llnfyi Valley South Wales to his active "retirement" lecturing in the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde on water resources and energy. Civil engineering hydro schemes, in particular, being PM Lead for the 
Edinburgh Castle tunneling project were explained in layman terms for all to understand and appreciate. For each new project, the magnitude of the 
challenges which Ieuan and his colleagues faced in various world locations, drew on all their talent, skill, experience and problem solving techniques. 
How to stop the Dead Sea from losing water; construction of the Kipevu 
Power Station in Mombasa; diverting the Yellow River in Northern China, 
Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Responsible Lead as PM on the Rosyth 
Trident Project, Lantau Suspension Bridge in Hong Kong are just some of 
the many international projects that Ieuan and his teams undertook.
Dinorwic Tunnels

Dinorwic Tunnels

However, his proudest achievement topic was reserved for the Dinorwic 
Hyrdo Electric Pump Storeage Scheme, a 1,728-megawatt scheme, near 
Dinorwic, Llanberis in Snowdonia national park in Gwynedd, north Wales. Hydro3
When it was fully commissioned in 
1984, Dinorwic Power Station was 
regarded as one of the world's most imaginative engineering and environmental projects. After seven searching questions from fellow Rotarians, Johnnie Kean gave the vote of