Tuesday 10th January 2017, Donna Hutchinson RAFA

Donna Hutchinson

Donna Hutchinson Area Volunteer Coordinator Scotland Area of the Royal Air Forces Association delivered a most interesting presentation on the good work of the organisation. The RAFA is committed to providing confidential, professional and fair services to members of the wider RAF family from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran and their families. Ongoing training and support for welfare volunteers and staff ensures services are consistent and of the highest possible standard. All will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

When someone in the RAF family needs help, the charity they turn to is the Royal Air Forces Association. Whatever their need, they can rely on them every step of the way to give practical assistance, expert advice and emotional support. Throughout life’s challenges, they are there for them, in person and on the phone, like a good friend should be.

With thousands of members and volunteers across the UK and further afield, RAFA have the network needed for a personal, one-to-one approach. Whenever an injured airman is fighting to get back on their feet or the widow of a WWII veteran needs a shoulder to lean on the RAFA are there when a family needs support to stay strong and connected despite the separation that comes with RAF service. They are trusted to work tirelessly to make sure no member of the RAF family ever feels alone or unsupported.

Today, there are over 1.5 million people in the RAF family who are either serving or who have served in the RAF (whether as a regular or reservist) and their spouses, partners or dependent children.

The members, in over 400 Branches worldwide, are at the heart of the Association. Many volunteer their time to deliver welfare services, raise essential funds and help in countless other important ways. A large number of the volunteers who support crucial welfare work have been trained to nationally accredited standards. RAFA have over 540 volunteer Honorary Welfare Officers undertaking almost 13,000 welfare visits annually. They offer everything from conversation and friendship to help preparing and submitting application forms for financial assistance.

Colin Vooght gave a worthy vote of thanks At Ayr Rotary Club’s first meeting of 2017, Donna Hutchinson, Area Volunteer Coordinator, Scotland