Trolley Dash in Morrisons Supermarket

Winner Stephen Drummond with Morrisons’ Customer Champion Jane Clark

The amazingly generous people of Ayrshire donated a total of £650 by buying £1.00 tickets to enter the Morrisons Trolley Dash. All proceeds raised by Ayr Rotary Club are going to the local Salvation Army Food Bank. The winner, Stephen Drummond, a chef from Ayr and father of three, planned his dash with precision. Heading straight for a large gammon joint while grabbing tins of sweets on the way, he sprinted up and down each isle, knowing in advance what and where his desired groceries were to be found. Nearing his time out, Stephen snatched a one litre bottle of whisky for his Dad, just as Morrisons Customer Champion, Jane Clark stopped the clock. Excited but delighted, Stephen can be seen with his early morning haul. A good Christmas can be assured in his house this year.

We are most grateful to Morrisons for funding this event by donating all the trolley groceries.