Titanic Struggle on the Ice

At the recent Rotary Curling World Championship in Dumfries, the Ayr Rotary rink comprising Skip Euan Lawrence, lead David McIntyre, second Hugh Parker, third David Hope, reached the final after a grueling week of competitive curling. The obstacle to winning was the formidable on-form Grand Prairie from Alberta, Canada. A to and fro game ensued over 150 nail biting minutes when Euan and his team were 6 : 7 up at the last end but Grand Prairie were lying three with only one stone remaining. It was now all down to Euan’s last stone to achieve an impossible shot and the inevitable heart stopping outcome. Unless, but no. Hands were shaken and the Ayr rink conceded the match as gallant second place silver medal winners. A sterling, commendable effort from all of Euan’s team who should be proud of their achievement