South Korean Impressions – Hazel McCully – 5 March 2019

Our own Hazel McCully delivered an expertly compiled (by her husband!) illustrated presentation on her experience of a spell living in Seoul in South Korea. In her inimitable style Hazel had her audience fascinated and amused in equal measure.

Hazel is amazingly well travelled and is extremely adaptable to different cultures but even she was somewhat less than enthusiastic about life in Seoul, a city of around 10M people. Nevertheless, like education, no travel experience is wasted and she clearly enjoyed much of what she saw.

She guided us expertly on an imaginary and photographic trip through the red light and market areas of the city and beyond to the border where she “spied” on the empty village across the de-militarised zone (DMZ). Then we were shown examples of South Korean villages and the various types of house construction and customs before being treated to samples of traditional SK food made from spicy ingredients readily available in this country – possibly a first for our Rotary club meetings!

Louden McAndrew, in his vote of thanks to Hazel, revealed that he had considered himself well-travelled and knowledgeable of other countries, but that Hazel’s account of her activities took a lot of beating. The members showed their appreciation through their enthusiastic applause.