Social Media Made Simple

Ayr Rotary Club was treated to an in depth session on the value of social media by its very own Charlie Steele and Katie Nicol at the regular Tuesday evening Zoom meeting. Charlie explained the development and importance of communication techniques, especially the reach of Facebook and the “shop window” of web sites. He provided a detailed navigational analysis of Ayr Rotary’s modern, up to date site showing creative templates across many of it’s activity categories. In particular, Charlie focused on the latest pioneering development of the PR Communication team’s video production from the Club’s recent Burns night.

Katie embarked on a FaceBook journey by resetting the slogan, Transmit, Impart, Broadcast to the proactive Engage, Exchange, Converse motto. She endorsed the value of a post being shared, liked and commented on, using our 2019 Summer, High Street high profile collection for the Aquabox charity as an example of over 1000 engagements of that particular post. Further interrogation of statistics, said Katie, can reveal not only the number of people reached, ie followers/fans, but also breakdown by gender and age profile. Short videos, she continued, carry substantial clout and Katie sought contributions for members who have ideas to enhance their project by video.

Ayr town centre Aquabox event

A worthy vote of thanks was delivered by Douglas Haddow who said Ayr Rotary is fortunate to have such talented and creative members in its Club.