Shelter Box

Here are the contents of a Shelter Box. The sleeping bags, blankets, ground sheets, ponchos, mosquito nets all come in units of 10 as each Shelter Box is designed to cater for 10 people. Not shown in the above picture is multi fuel burner and solar light that are also in the box.

Each box does cost £590. however we think this is a small price to pay for giving shelter and the requirements for 10 people to survive. Many of these shelter boxes are in situ for many months and in some cases many years.

If you think that you could help these unfortunate families then please do not hesitate to contact Rob Keating of Ayr Rotary Club e-mail: and he will arrange for a full demonstration of the Shelter Box in a venue of your choice. A presentation consists of a short introduction, an 8 min DVD, a question and answer time and then the opportunity to look over and see the actual contents and the tent.


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School Boxes

Picture7In a disaster, a large number of people without shelter will inevitably be children. Schools will often have been destroyed along with homes and other buildings. Shelter Box will, therefore,     sometimes include School Boxes in their aid consignments. These contain essential supplies for teachers, including blackboard paint and chalk, along with school equipment for 50 children. Each school box costs £340

Would you like to see our Presentation?

We in Ayr Rotary Club have a dedicated team of personnel that will go anywhere in South Ayrshire to give a full demonstration of the Box and all its contents. We have gone outside South Ayrshire in the past when other rotary clubs have been unable to provide the service. Our presentations consist of a short introduction followed by a DVD lasting about 8 Minutes, followed by a question and answer session lasting as long as the audience wants.

For any information about the above please contact. Rob Keating. E-Mail:

Here is a list of the boxes we have provided so far.