Scott Prentice of Scotrail

Scott Prentice’s visit and presentation at Ayr Collage Westerly Restaurant on Tuesday 30th April surrounding the ‘History and Future of Scotrail’ was well received and enjoyed by all attending.

Scott is Scotrail’s current Director of Strategic Planning, responsible for delivering:

  • Timetables for Scotrail’s services,
  • Working in close collaboration with colleagues in Transport Scotland and Network Rail to develop medium and long-term plans for rail services throughout Scotland.

 He is also responsible for:

  • Expanding and optimising the number of electrified routes,
  • Modernising the signalling systems, and
  • Procuring new trains to replace existing fleets.

Scott started his career as an Engineering Management Trainee with British Rail, where he managed new train and infrastructure projects with Irish Rail and Network Rail respectively, before working with a number of project management and transport planning consultancies.

He has been part of the ScotRail team since 2012, and prior to taking up his current post as Director of Strategic Planning in January, was Scotrail’s interim Commercial Director.

Scott has a keen interest in improving accessibility and use of all active travel and public transport modes across Scotland. Hence his talk was on the History and Future of Scotrail.

Thank you to David Hope who kindly agreed to provide the Moment of Reflection and vote of thanks.