Scott McLean – Sports Coach – 27 November 2020

Scott Maclean is a British Cycling Federation qualified coach whose knowledge and expertise has seen him coach at events such as the Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympics. He is head coach with Kinetic 365 and offers training and personal development programmes tailored to the individual, be they elite international athletes or absolute beginners.

In his excellent presentation to the members Scott concentrated on the importance of an athlete’s “mindset” and explained that sporting talent itself is insufficient for athletes wishing to improve personal performances. In his view, the key elements in raising anyone’s mindset are Commitment, Focus, Resilience and Attitude. In this regard he introduced his audience to the concept of ‘Attic Space’ – that part of the brain where there is still room for growth – yes he insisted, even among we Rotarians!

Taking his theories, a stage further, Scott reckoned that the same mindset approach is valid in dealing with life’s inevitable difficulties. As circumstances change and we suffer failures, setbacks, health issues, and even global pandemics, we can (and top sports people often do) use these techniques to cope and bounce back.

Katie Nicol, in her vote of thanks to Scott, acknowledged his own courage, determination and enthusiasm for life.

Scott at work