Savio D’Souza on Sports Injuries

On 30 May 2023 Savio D’Souza, a Rotarian in the Barrhead Club, gave us an interesting talk on sports related injuries. Savio is a senior practitioner at a Glasgow clinic and was able to explain how many joints in the body function. He had various models of the knee, hip, shoulder and foot to help demonstrate what happens when pain occurs.

His main message was “prevention is better than cure”. Always prepare for any sport by warming up, and don’t forget to warm down after it. If pain occurs, your body is telling you there is a problem, so stop. If the pain lasts more than two or three days, the body has been unable to “sort it out” itself, so you should seek medical advice.

Posture is very important, and people today, especially youngsters, are guilty of bending forward to look at their phones, even when they are walking. Sitting at a computer for long periods can also contribute to poor posture, but an easy fix for both of these is to lie flat out on the floor with arms spread and just relax – a simple cure!

Savio explained how the spine is a complex structure, with its S-shape designed to take tremendous strain. You must avoid twisting, as much as possible and always drink plenty of water, as dehydration can contribute to back pain.

John Ewing, a former Barrhead member, gave a worthy vote of thanks, noting he could not remember more question coming from the floor, indicating the audience’s interest in the subject.