Round-Britain Walkers meet on Ayrshire Coastal Path

An unusual coincidence happened last week on the Ayrshire Coastal Path. Two couples who, independently, are walking the entire British coastline (3861 miles over 9 months!) in opposite directions, accidently bumped into each other on a section of the path between Ayr and Dunure. Martin Shipley (frequently accompanied by his wife Maureen) is walking anti-clockwise to raise funds for Thrombosis UK in memory of their daughter, Dawn. Meanwhile, Susan and Simon Murphy, a couple from Lyme Regis are walking clockwise. Imagine the surprise they all got when meeting and greeting each other.

Since the path was created by Ayr Rotary Club 11 years ago, many thousands of walkers with differing abilities and ambitions have walked at least part of the path. With its two major accolades (it is one of “Scotland’s Great Trails” and part of the International Appalachian Trail) it attracts many visitors, not only from the UK but also from overseas. On the same day that the round-Britain walkers met, Ken Andreson and his partner from Connecticut were just a few miles away near Turnberry, on their own Ayrshire Coastal Path adventure.

You too can enjoy the delights of this wonderful stretch of coastline – visit for some ideas.

The Shipleys with Ron ireland and Mike Shute