Richie Cameron – The Art of Ceramics and Sculpture – 12 June 2018

The president of Prestwick Rotary Club, Richie Cameron, strayed into foreign territory last week to talk to us about his passion for creating artistic pieces of ceramics and sculpture. In his easy-going style he sprinkled his talk with little jokes about potters and sculptors. Have you heard the one about the pottery apprentice who dropped a tray of clay pieces? He was fired! Collective groan from audience.

Several years ago, Richie left his career in psychology behind him and decided to fulfil a long held dream of learning an artistic craft. His initial choice was pottery and he began by attending a course at the GSA and modelling in clay the head of a sitter called Marco (see photo – Marco is bottom left). Realising he had a talent, this inspired Richie to attend another course, this time in Edinburgh, to learn the art of sculpture. Around that time Richie moved house to Prestwick where he created a small studio to indulge his passion more seriously. Here he set-up the necessities of his craft including slab machines and potters’ wheels for the wet processes and ovens for baking and firing.

Richie is continuing to expand his range of pieces and now successfully exhibits at various local galleries.