Remembrance Tree a Fund-Raising Success

The dust has now settled after a hectic few weeks for Jim Nelson and his Ayr Rotary Club team. With the go-ahead being given in November, there was a great deal to be done, in readiness for the opening day on 10 December 2021.
South Ayrshire Council were very supportive, giving a grant to cover setup costs, and providing and erecting the tree. Ayrshire Roads Alliance approved the Fish Cross site for the Tree of Remembrance. Preparation of logos designed, banners made, ribbons acquired, a wooden shed erected, and a host of administrative tasks including payment channels were all organised.
The event ran from 10 to 24 December, with the Tree manned each day by a team of volunteers, organised by Ayr Rotary’s Paul Williams. The success of it can be seen by the number of ribbons attached to the Tree, which stood until 4 January 2022 at the Fish Cross, High Street, Ayr. Throughout the project it became increasingly evident just how much this simple matter meant to so many people. No fewer than 825 individuals attached ribbons to the Tree of Remembrance.
The Club received a very generous donation of £500 from M L Williams Funeral Directors, over and above the many personal, heartfelt donations from the public.
The three beneficiaries are Ayrshire Cancel Support, Whiteleys Retreat and Ayrshire Hospice who each received an amazing £2500. This was surely an impressive outcome in a first year, not forgetting the negative impact of COVID.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially to the kind people of Ayrshire who gave generously.