Organised visit to HM Prince of Wales in Rosyth.

Paul & Colin in the hanger

David McIntyre taking aim

Captain Richard Hewitt with Nail, Paul & Alan

Two cars packed with Ayr Rotary Club members travelled to Rosyth, over the new Forth Bridge on a bright summer’s night and joined over 150 guests on board the 65,000 tonnes HM Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier to celebrate Reserve Forces Day.

After security checks we boarded this enormous 280 metre long vessel which can hold a tailored air group of up to 40 aircraft, initially Harrier GR9, later F-35B Lightening ll, plus Merlin and Chinook helicopters.

Entering hanger mid bay, we were immediately in awe of its size. Its cavernous dimensions. Its welcoming sailors of all ranks. And of course the delicious buffet including refreshments. The evening developed into a most convivial atmosphere with guests engaging in light hearted chat.

After visiting the several promotional displays erected for the evening including an impressive video on the HM Prince of Wales capabilities, we were approached by Captain Richard Hewitt, who cordially spent time talking with us and answering questions.

Our Secretary Colin Vooght, Head of Engagement for Lowland Reserve Forces Cadets Association (RFCA) organised our attendance at the event.