Newton Primary Shred Skatepark Project

(A partnering arrangement between Newton Primary School and Shred Skatepark of Ayr sponsored and facilitated by Rotary)


The Rotary Club of Ayr have initiated the Newton Primary Shred Skatepark Project, which allows many children from Newton Primary School to collectively enjoy the benefits from their scootering experience at Ayr’s Shred Skatepark. The project, which is sponsored and facilitated by the Rotary Club, is proving to be a great success due to the excellent collaboration between Newton Primary School and Shred Skatepark. Such collaborative involvement and commitment are helping to empower and enable all parties to deliver this project in a sustainable manner.


The Newton Primary School of Ayr is fast developing as the community hub within its catchment area supporting young children, many of whom need various forms of support. The Rotary Club of Ayr are mindful of the link between good health and wellbeing, realising how traumatic experiences can have a profound effect upon a child’s development and happiness. The Skatepark Project helps to address and mitigate such challenges.

The project sessions comprise four groups of ten children, with each group of ten being tutored into gaining the required confidence and learning new skills in scootering, whilst helping to improve their development and wellbeing.

All costs, including the provision of health and safety apparel, are donated by the Rotary Club of Ayr.


Realising the enthusiasm and enjoyment that this project has achieved to date for the primary pupils, further discussions are planned with a view to determining a strategy to sustain the project on an annual basis, possibly as part of the school’s extracurricular activities.



The Rotary Club of Ayr considers that continued collaboration and commitment with Newton Primary School and the Shred Skatepark will continue to empower and enable the children to reap the benefits that this Project offers.

It is recognised that this approach may also be of interest to other local schools in other parts of Ayr, where other Rotary Clubs, organisations, and businesses within Ayrshire might be willing to offer sponsorship and support.