Mastermind 2018

Secretary Craig once again came up with a fiendishly difficult set of questions for our annual mastermind quiz. There was much murmuring in the ranks throughout the meal as members delved into their distant memories to try to recall, amongst other things, US States beginning with the letter N. In desperation, fictitious and ridiculous names were plucked out of thin air as the clock ticked on to time-up.

The great after-dinner reckoning determined the two top-scorers Jimmy Begg (also a finalist last year) and Loudon McAndrew. Each in turn was invited to take the hot seat and so, with beads of sweat dripping from worried brows, the contestants were put to the test by president Craig, doing a just-passable impression of John Humphries.

Jimmy Begg was the first to take the chair, amassing a highly creditable 11 points. (This was one less than last year so age is obviously taking its toll on Jimmy). Next was Loudon whose total of 7 points was a great effort but not bad for a novice finalist. The smart money’s on Loudon for next year.

After complaining, in characteristically curmudgeonly manner, about the devilishly difficult questions, John Laughland thanked secretary Craig for all the work he had put into hosting a thoroughly entertaining evening.