Laura Logan shows off her Medal – 1 October 2019


Laura Logan, from Coylton, was a member of the GB team who came first in the Downs Syndrome European Swimming Championships, held in Olbia, Sardinia last month, beating 19 other nations. Laura, personally, reached the 200m butterfly final, achieving personal bests from seven races, and won a bronze medal in the 50m butterfly race, masters category (age 25 > 30).

Laura and her mum Betty came along to the club meeting to thank the members for the £250 Treasure Chest donation which assisted greatly with travel arrangements to allow Laura to compete.

Laura said she was thrilled to be part of the winning team and made many new friends from Britain and abroad. She is now hoping to improve further on her great performances and to be selected for the GB team once again for next year’s championships in Turkey. Her demanding training regime has already started.


John Ewing congratulated Laura for her great contribution to the team’s success and thanked her and mum Betty for coming to tell the members about the experience.