Kevin McGarry – A “Reluctant” Royal Photographer

Our speaker this week was Glasgow-based, professional photographer, Kevin McGarry. In an energetic display of his extensive port-folio, Kevin took us on a whistle-stop tour of the world, into many exotic places with fantastic, candid pictures of the great and the good, including a significant number of off-guard royal moments. He explained that his success in photography was not solely down to expensive equipment and top quality lenses but also to learning from the work of other artists and photographers and to his techniques of engaging with his subjects in such a way as to make them feel at ease in his company. In that way he obtained all those unusual and wonderfully revealing shots.

His impressive client list was clear to see, and included members of the royal family, top athletes such as Mo Farah, models, film stars, celebrities and A-listers galore. Kevin confessed however to having an equally great passion for magnificent Scottish scenery and demonstrated his skill in this area with examples from the highlands and our own Ayrshire coast.

Kevin hopes to open a shop in Ayr in the near future and to organise the biggest ever “selfie” photo. Better even than this one of him and his much-loved boots.