Kelsey Kane CEO of SeAscape

Seascape, South Ayrshire Escape from Homelessness, was the topic from CEO Kelsey Kane on our Zoom meeting on Tuesday 5th January. She explained the charity began life in 1999 with aims to help those who are either told to quit by landlords, experienced household disputes or even discharged from prison. “Sofa Surfing” can mean that homelessness is often hidden and the call for Seascape services has risen with a 12% increase from quarter one and two during 2020. Moreover Kelsey confirmed that Seascape offers Support advice, which includes crisis interventions eg because of mental health issues, the Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Pass it on Project, collection and distribution of quality used furniture.
Other areas of expertise, within Seascape, are the Befriending Project and the Hope Project as well as the Syrian Resettlement Programme which has been running since 2016.

Kelsey Kane

With the 38 staff, 25 of whom are volunteers, over 650 homeless people have been assisted last year. Our worthy vote of thanks was given by Ieuan Isaac