Jeely Jar Surprise for Crossroads – 4 January 2020


As all members know to their cost, the club’s “jeely jar” is faithfully passed around the company at our weekly meetings and members contribute the small, loose change from their pockets and purses. Every so often a local charity receives an unexpected windfall from the jar. This time it was the turn of Crossroads Caring Scotland, one of the country’s leading, voluntary sector providers of support for carers and their families. Crossroads have benefited before from the club’s fund-raising activities; most recently from the successful race night.

Crossroads is a not-for-profit organisation with over 35 years of experience, providing support for vulnerable people and their carers. Whether the person being cared for is a loved one living with terminal cancer, an elderly relative with dementia, or a young person living with a disability and requiring life-long care, the charity’s highly trained and professional staff are well equipped to provide the right support at the right time.

Brian Kelsey of Crossroads met president-elect, Ian Alexander, to receive a donation of £200 to the charity from money raised by the jeely jar. Ian expressed his admiration for the good work of Crossroads and Brian, in turn, thanked Ayr Rotary Club for its welcome, further contribution to the charity’s funds.