Jeely Jar collection goes to Ayrshire Women’s Hub – 7 September 2020

Founded in January 2018 by Angie-Leigh McPike and Gabriella Baronello, AWH is an early stages community interest group. It operates from warm, friendly walk-in premises where women can go to socialise, learn and empower each other through free workshops, surgeries and classes. It is also a bridge to several other amazing third-sector groups including, for example, Unity Grill, Blue Triangle and Moving On.

Ayr Rotary has been a staunch supporter of the Hub and last week donated a further £200 from the club’s regular “jeely jar” collection. Eileen Alexander and Ron Ireland visited the Hub for a chat with Angie and to present her with the cheque.

Angie outlined the wide-range of activities in which the Hub is now involved and, in the process, dispelled some misconceptions: for instance, its much-needed support is not confined to women only. Over the period it has been operating, a great number of men have also benefited from the Hub’s range of expertise and experience within the social and community care sector. Angie herself has an impressive pedigree having come to the Hub from a background in helping women suffering domestic abuse. However, she was at pains to emphasise that it is committed teamwork, involving some dedicated and able individuals, which allows the Hub to realise its mission to make the maximum positive impact for the community.

In handing over the cheque, Eileen expressed her admiration for the hard work and consequent success of the Hub. Angie, in turn, thanked Ayr Rotary for its ongoing support.