Inconvenience Store

Can you imagine how, if you and your family were struggling in this current economic situation, you would feel if you found a shop, stocking all your needs from sanitary products and soap to rice crispies, canned fruit and bakeries, that only asked you pay what you could afford for whatever quantity of shopping you had required and taken. This sounds like a piece of fanciful fiction.
BUT it really exists and it is in Newmarket Street in Ayr. There the Inconvenience Store has been opened under under the careful guidance of Angela Iver and her team. People give only what they can, paying a little if they can and preserving their personal dignity.
Angela has developed links with local supermarkets, shops and wholesalers to take their surplus stock so she can pass it on to those who are in need of support. Some supplies come from further away but it all comes as generous gifts. One donation was of 1200 bars of soap – essential need for an active family!
When she was collecting all this material she was suffering from a lack of storage organisation so Ayr Rotary was only too happy to give the Inconvenience Store £1000 to install shelving in the Shop and storage areas. This has given a crucial help to the function of the operation which will be of huge benefit to those needing support.
The photos show Angela with the certificate showing the support from Ayr Rotary and the sign in the shop that so eloquently summarises the underlying philosophy of The Inconvenience Store