How to Hold onto Your license


Visiting from Kilmarnock Rotary Club, retired Chief Superintendent David Johnstone delivered a light hearted presentation, peppered with facts and figures on “How to Hold onto Your Driving License” Since 2011 David has been a Justice of the Piece which is a unique part of Scotland’s criminal justice system where less serious summary crimes such as speeding, careless driving and breach of the peace are heard.

David explained, through revealing slides, why drivers appear before him. Speeding figures extensively in his cases as well as using a mobile phone, even smart watches, seat belts not worn, no insurance and of course drink driving. He tested his audience’s knowledge of stopping distances at various speeds. Needless to say, few answered correctly.

The use of the hand held gun VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) David continued, can be used to determine the speed of a vehicle from as far away as one mile and even in the dark. His statistics of TRAs (Road Traffic Accidents) confirmed the improvements in fatal accidents over the years from 529 deaths in 1950 to 173 in 2018. Thereafter David was able to explain the process of and rationale for giving endorsements on a license and how improving driving standards and saving lives was the prime mover for this apparent persecuting of motorists.

David centre, with Alex Thomson, left and Sinclair Williamson, right

A worthy vote of thanks was given by Sinclair Williamson