Global Sight Solutions

Global Sight Solutions is an avoidable blindness charity was registered with the charity commission back in the 1990s by members of Guildford Rotary Club, the aim being to work with Rotary Clubs in the developing world and together establish financially sustainable eye hospitals which can provide a full range of eye care, free to the world’s poorest.

It is100% a Rotary charity and, by virtue of the work it does, falls into one of the seven Rotary Foundation areas of focus and can therefore obtain generous grants to help with financing its projects.

We recently welcomed as our Guest Speaker, Fellow Rotarian John Miles, with his presentation on ‘Rotary’s Global Sight Solutions Charity’ with which he is a Trustee.  Also we welcome John’s wife Fiona who is also a fellow Rotarian and Trustee of Global Sight Solutions, a past President of Leatherhead Rotary Club, and current President of the Guildford Chantries Rotary Club. John is from Surrey and became actively involved with ‘Global Sight Solutions Charity’, originally known as The Guildford Rotary Eye Project, a little over twelve years ago.

John has been awarded multiple Paul Harris Fellowship awards, including ‘The Service above Self award’ for his work in serving the avoidably blind. He is an ‘Industrial Chemist’ by profession, and founded two companies providing protective coatings to the engineering trade. He retired in 2002 and joined Rotary in 2003 and attempts to keep abreast of the more humorous side of life! He is interested in music, sport, travelling, and having published a joke book in 2007, and another in 2015, is now completing a third, ready to release onto an unsuspecting public in the next few months.

In addition to his work in helping to provide free eye care to the poor in India, Africa and elsewhere, John is also a speaker for Population Matters, which addresses the issues of an ever-growing human population.

Alex Thomson gave a well deserved vote of thanks