Festive Fun at Ayr Rotary

Despite, or perhaps because of, the current Covid crisis Ayr Rotary members turned up in good numbers to take part in Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas quiz. Unfortunately for them Willie had not let the pandemic moderate his fiendish determination to embarrass his victims and his questions were as brain-teasing as ever. One needed a degree in most of the classic subjects to entertain any hope of winning with a respectable score – which is precisely what Alan McWilliam did but of course he was once a schoolmaster. Alan received two bottles of Aldi’s finest something-or-other and a much-envied Rotary car sticker (who said hardly worth the effort?).

The quiz included a novel addition this year – a beautiful babies identification challenge. Who would have thought that so many Rotary members were once so young – and actually adorable looking! A special mention goes to Douglas Haddow who for some reason was the subject of most wrong guesses i.e. folk thought lots of other babies were Douglas. And he thought he was unique. Sorry Douglas.

For those still wondering this is the real Baby Haddow but no prize this time for the photographer or his/her developing skills.

The quiz was followed a week later by John Dunlop’s Christmas Cracker evening – a side-splitting (exaggeration) hour of mostly terrible jokes. These ranged from juvenile cracker riddles to the downright rude. Mike Williams took top spot with two jokes requiring telling with a foreign accent (one Irish, one Norwegian) and Ewan Frew came second with two risqué jokes that just shouldn’t be told in mixed company.

We were joined for the joke night by DG Angela Samson, ex-DG Jimmy Johnstone, and DG-elect Gail Savage with her husband Ian. All four added greatly to a real fun night and were thanked for their contributions by President Hazel.