Euan and Katie Nicol – Jobs Talks – 15 May 2018

Recent newcomers to Ayr and now established club members, Euan and Katie Nicol, gave the club members some insight to their respective careers at last week’s club meeting.

Euan, an IT expert, had spent some years working with the NHS in the development of software to manage the complexities of systems of managing out-patients. This met with significant success and was adopted widely across Scottish hospitals. Before this, Euan worked in different sectors including the drinks industry.

Katie’s career spans a range of education, counselling and coaching posts. She is currently enjoying working at the Ayrshire Hospice where her role utilises all her experience and skills.

Euan and Katie are outdoor enthusiasts and greatly appreciate their move to Ayr which has allowed them to pursue this passion.

Eileen Alexander, thanked Euan and Katie for presenting two interesting and admirable accounts of very different working lives.