DG Gail Savage Visits our Club – 4 October 2022

Our District Governor for 2022/23, Gail Savage, was given a warm welcome to the club by President Bob Cherry.

Gail was a Rotaract member at 18, joining Rotary in 2011 and later serving as secretary for the Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs club. Outwith Rotary, she spent 10 years in a GP practice in the East End of Glasgow and is now patient administrator at the Marie Curie Hospice at Stobhill.

Gail considers herself very much a hands-on person and enjoys being involved in all the many stimulating projects that Rotary create and support. She is particularly keen to attract young people into Rotary and has previously served as the Rotaract Team Lead. In this regard, she challenged clubs to use their imaginations and make Rotary ever better. Get involved, spread the word and be visible in the community was her war-cry, citing our own club as a good example.

In Gail’s view, despite the many laudable achievements of Rotary throughout the world (combating polio, supporting work in Ukraine, and promoting efforts to limit environmental damage) we must all remain vigilant lest these goals become weakened. Lastly, she emphasised that the overriding ethos of Rotary clubs should be to serve their communities and, in answer to a question from the audience on the distribution of district grants from Rotary Foundation fund, she stated that “clubs get out what they put in”.

Euan Lawrence delivered the club’s vote of thanks to Gail and wished her well in her year of office as DG.