Dalmilling Bikes Project

Ayr Rotary Delivers!

On Wednesday morning, only a week after the first bike was delivered by Ayr Rotary to Dalmilling Primary School, a further 12 bikes were delivered by members of Ayr Rotary to the school. Incoming Community Service Convenor Paul Williams had described the project on local social media and had received an immediate amazing response with the giving of 12 good children’s bikes from the good people of Doonfoot and Alloway.

The photos show the loading of the bikes into Jimmy Begg’s, Neil Beattie’s and Paul’s cars and trailers before being transported to Dalmilling Primary where they were all safely offloaded with the additional help of the ever vital Jannie, Jimmy Cauldwell

Another huge community benefit generated by Ayr Rotary, with enormous thanks to all those wonderful people of Alloway and Doonfoot for their tremendous generosity in thinking of others.

just some of the bikes

Loading up

Off loading at Dalmilling Primary