Currie & Quiz Evening – 9 Sept ‘22

Four determined teams battled it out at the Horizon hotel for the glory of picking up a few bottles of plonk and the associated kudos from winning this prestigious event. Well, only three teams battled since this writer’s team were left so far behind they may as well not have turned up. Still, they did get a packet of maltesers for their pathetic effort.

Top spot went to the Inspiration team amidst thinly veiled aspersions of insider knowledge. Amongst other things, they managed, unbelievably, to identify 7 of 10 of the most obscure animal photographs imaginable. Sour grapes perhaps?

Staff at the Horizon provided a mouth-watering, half-time currie-buffet which was eagerly consumed by the members. All that dredging of distant memories sure makes a person hungry.

This social event was a great success, on a warm summer evening, in very comfortable surroundings, with a splendid view of the sun setting over Arran. Thanks to past-president Hazel for making it happen and for her amusing compering.