Croquet Wash-Out

Sunday 11th August was to be the day of our annual croquet contest – water polo would have been more suitable! But fear not, our Games-Master-General, honorary member John Laughland, had a cunning Plan B up his sleeve. Board games! After a superb bring-and-share lunch to accompany the excellent ‘indoor barbecue’ provided by the fabulous Savoy Park Hotel, battle commenced. There ensued an afternoon of cut-throat rounds of dominoes, snakes & ladders (who knew a game of Snakes & Ladders could take so long?!!!!!)  and a ‘Beggar My Neighbour’ decider which saw Barbara McAndrew and Charles Gray declared the overall champions.


Neil Beattie and Loudon McAndrew, sticklers for the rules (S&L and dominoes respectively), oversaw fair play (except that some decided, in desperation, no longer to slide down snakes but to go up them as well as the ladders in the hope of eventually finishing the game!) A great afternoon of fun and games, another of our Rotary Stories in the true spirit of Rotary International.

Well done all!