Community Services – Neil Beattie

General – The role of Community Service Convenor is really quite ill-defined as the boundary of what he/she wishes to tackle is largely up to the Convenor themselves.  The environmental responsibility of the Community Service Committee has now been removed with the creation of a specific committee but there will always be an interface where the two committee’s responsibilities meet.

Area of Responsibility – The Convenor of the Community Service Committee’s prime function is to chair and guide all the activities of that committee.  He/she has to maintain and explore new links with charities and social activists in and around Ayr.  National organisations providing services to the people of Ayr are also included.  Links to schools and other Local Authority services have also to be maintained. Any cold request that comes to Ayr Rotary that has a local person or organisation as its subject is also part of the Convenor’s concern.

Meetings – The Convenor must remain mindful that the members of the committee have to be consulted in all matters unless an issue is specifically delegated for their solitary action.  Concensus is preferred but a majority decision is valid at these meetings.

Finance – Grants and donations will be a major part of the Community Service Committee’s activities.  The Convenor has to present these proposals to the Club Council who make the final decision.  In an emergency situation the Community Service Committee has the authority to make a Treasure Chest Grant of up to £250.   The Convenor has to then present this to the Club Council in retrospect.

Direct Activities –  The Community Service Committee may undertake direct activities within the community, either on its own or in cooperation with other organisations.  Control of these activities may be delegated to Project Leaders who must keep the CSC informed even though it may not be directly involved in the project.  Project Leaders should report to the Club Council through the Convenor.  Message in a Bottle is an example of this.

Treasure Chest – The Treasure Chest is an important area of responsibility for the CSC under the advice of the Convenor.  The Convenor has to vet the applications and then present them to the CSC who can then propose any grant to the Club council for approval if supported by the CSC.

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