Lies, Damned Lies – 20 April 2021

Is it easier to lie convincingly through the technology of a Zoom virtual meeting than in an actual physical situation? Well, the Ayr Rotarians had a good try at it when nine individuals “volunteered” to try their luck at convincing fellow members of the veracity of some outrageous stories in the manner of the popular ... More

Burns Night with a Difference

The night began with a welcome and a short poem from President Hazel. And then, accompanied by a cacophony of kazoos from the 43 Rotarians, partners and guests, the haggis entered Kenneth Dickie's kitchen courtesy of Marylin. As tradition dictates, the Selkirk Grace followed, delivered faultlessly by Jim Nelson. Reprising ... More

Burns Supper Invitation 2021


Festive Fun at Ayr Rotary

Despite, or perhaps because of, the current Covid crisis Ayr Rotary members turned up in good numbers to take part in Willie Stewart’s traditional Christmas quiz. Unfortunately for them Willie had not let the pandemic moderate his fiendish determination to embarrass his victims and his questions were as brain-teasing as ... More

Zoom Quizzers Battle It Out – 12 October 2020

Thanks are due to John Dunlop and members of his committee for organising the club’s first-ever Zoom Quiz. Twelve single or two-person teams took part in what was an enjoyable half-hour trying to dredge up memories of places visited, pop artists of yesteryear, and bits of globally-recognised product brands. The ... More

The Great Big Zoom Quiz 6 Oct 2020

This is no ordinary quiz... this is Ayr Rotary's Great Big Zoom Quiz. Starting at 7pm on Tuesday 6 October 2020. Look out for an email from John Dunlop, who will send a link to allow members to enter the Zoom meeting. There will be slides shown on screen for you to identify. There are  various categories including ... More

2019 Christmas Party – 10 December

      It was a full house at the Savoy Park last week for another great night of fun. friendship, awards and entertainment at our Christmas partners’ evening. As is traditional, a glass of Prosecco, courtesy of Gus Iannotti, greeted everyone to get the evening underway and the Savoy Park ... More

Oor Furst Evur McGonnagall Supper – 22 March 2019

            We had a wild time last Friday at the Horizon Hotel for our club’s furst ever McGonnagall supper - the very antithesis to our traditional and reverential Burns suppers. The two national poets could hardly be more different and the same was true of the ... More

Ayrshire Coastal Path Social – 8 March 2019

Thanks to Alistair Tyre and Bob Gibson, the Pathminders all had a great time last Friday evening with around 40 Pathminders and friends turning out for the party. The warm atmosphere inside the Bracken Bar was a great antidote to the gale and lashing rain outside on the windswept Heads of Ayr. Greeted with a free glass ... More

Safari Supper – 16 February 2019

This year’s Safari Supper, ably organised once again by Alex Thomson, was another tremendous success and was attended by some 43 people, mostly Rotarians and partners. A presentation was given to the company by Alex and Ieuan Isaac which gave everyone present an insight into the project and the work involved. A good ... More