Gavin McCully – Job Talk – 4 May 2021

Gavin McCully is a self-confessed grammar school drop-out and yet has worked on numerous mega-projects around the world. In his recent job-talk to the members he explained how this had come about and described some of these fascinating projects in which he has been involved. Gavin left school at 16 and straightaway set ... More

Lowlands Reserve Forces & Cadets Associations – 26 November 2019

Immediate past-president Colin Vooght, in his capacity as Head of Engagement for the Lowland RFCA’s, gave an excellent presentation to the club last week. Colin, who was 42 years a soldier before joining the LRFCA, explained that the organisation exists to assist those who proudly protect our nation, and who do so ... More

Alasdair Meldrum – Challenges of Waste Management – 11 June 2019

Member Alasdair Meldrum, a waste management consultant, used emotive slides to get his message across.  From his opening shot of a bin lorry disgorging tons of household waste to the breath-taking SAC residual waste to landfill cost. He explained the impact of mixed- refuse, bin contamination and that 81% of all bin ... More

Tuesday 17th July, Allan & Lynn McWilliam

We were treated to an entertaining personal life journey by Allan & Lynn McWilliam on Tuesday evening. The story for Lynn starts with education in a private convent before moving to Wembley and then up to Kilwinning where she refused to work in her father's new business, preferring to pursue an education career by ... More

Having Fun with Crazy Ideas – 30 January 2018

Well, Hugh Miller certainly had the members hanging on his every erudite word as he delivered his highly entertaining talk in characteristically unhurried, yet confident, style. Hugh, who was, for twenty years, head teacher in Grange Academy, Kilmarnock, spoke to the club on the theme 'Having Fun with Crazy Ideas'. For ... More

Boys’ Brigade – The Adventure Begins Here

One of our most recent members, Doug Wilson, was quick off the mark to deliver his “jobtalk”. Although a trained electrical engineer, Doug’s real vocation was in the Boys’ Brigade and it was his long, and continuing, service to the BB (60 remarkable years from early boyhood) that Doug chose to tell us all about. ... More

Tuesday 30th August, Ron Ireland’s Job Talk

Raised in Carnoustie on the east coast, when a teenager, Ron's parents moved to Edinburgh where he completed his schooling at Boroughmuir Senior Secondary. It was there that the careers master (possibly recognising his lack of golfing talent) pointed him in the direction of civil engineering and so off Ron went to Herriot ... More