Tamfest Coming Soon

Whisper it – Halloween’s just round the corner! Tamfest is Ayrshire’s premier Halloween festival, organised and run by Ayr Festivals (a registered charitable organisation) working in partnership with South Ayrshire Council. Rooted in Ayrshire heritage, the festival was inspired by Robert Burns’ famous ... More

Playlist for Life – 28 September 2021

Playlist for Life is a music and dementia charity. The charity was founded in 2013 by writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson after the death of her mother, Mamie, who had dementia. Pam Ribbick, our speaker for the evening, said their vision is simple: “we want everyone with dementia to have a unique, personal ... More

DG’s Virtual Visit & CHSS Presentation

  Betty McDonald, this year’s District 1230 Governor, honoured the club with her virtual presence this week. Betty is a past-president of Greenock Rotary and in her short speech she outlined her own objectives for the year ahead and encouraged members to prepare for change as clubs come to terms with the ... More

Dr Sally Lawton on the “Nurse Who Found Herself in 1916”

Ayr Rotary Club were privilaged to have Dr Sally Lawton as a guest speaker at their Tuesday evening meeting. Sally was a nurse educator for over thirty years and had always been fascinated by the nursing and the medical care of soldiers in World War 1 and this led her to write “The Nurse Who Found Herself In 1916”. Her ... More

Blackthorn Salt – Gregorie Marshall – 24 August 2021

Who doesn’t have salt in their kitchen larder? It is the most fundamental of ingredients in almost every dish and, according to Greogorie Marshall, locally produced Blackthorn Salt can “transform the mediocre, enhance a range of flavours or add a suggestion of rolling moreishness and sophistication to any meal”. ... More

Ian McAnulla on Political Cartoons

Ian McAnulla was the guest speaker at Ayr Rotary Club last Tuesday. Ian’s speciality is political cartoons and using many slide examples he showed his interested and inquisitive audience the hidden meanings behind popular and cleverly framed drawings. He explained that more than just the lampooning of characters, the ... More

Life in the Raws – 2 June 2021

A knowledgeable and sincere speaker, Neil Findlay, a former MSP, spoke to the members about "Life in the Raws", the title of his book on memories of a Shale-Oil Village in West Lothian. The book is essentially the life story of John ‘Jock’ Findlay, Neil’s grandfather, and was largely written by Jock himself in his ... More

Ayrshire Cancer Support

Laura Brown and Louise Graham from Ayrshire Cancer Support were the guest speakers at Ayr Rotary on Tuesday evening. Louise explained the practical workings of the charity and how Laura will talk about the exciting plans for the new premises, formally St Andrews Hotel, on Prestwick Road, Ayr. Since 1982 they have been ... More

Litter and Waste – A National Emergency

  Barry Fisher and Chris Johnson – 27 April 2021 These were the first speakers invited to talk to the club specifically to address environmental matters since the creation of the club’s Environment Committee. The setting up of the committee was in response to Rotary International’s granting of Environment ... More

Karla Johnson from Community Learning Development

Karla Johnson spoke to Ayr Rotary about her role in Community Learning Development (CLD) and in particular the extensive involvement with Dalmilling Primary School. Following on from her success with Newton Primary on delivering programmes which empowered people individually and collectively to make positive changes in ... More