Kelvingrove Treasures – 7 January 2020

Elaine Hanson, a former teacher at both Kyle and Belmont Academies, is a volunteer guide at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow. Her main passion is fine art and she came along to the club to give the members the benefit of her evident knowledge of some of her own “treasures of Kelvingrove”. Elaine ... More

Lowlands Reserve Forces & Cadets Associations – 26 November 2019

Immediate past-president Colin Vooght, in his capacity as Head of Engagement for the Lowland RFCA’s, gave an excellent presentation to the club last week. Colin, who was 42 years a soldier before joining the LRFCA, explained that the organisation exists to assist those who proudly protect our nation, and who do so ... More

Epilepsy Scotland – 4 November 2019

  Lesslie Young is Chief Executive of Epilepsy Scotland since 2009, having joined the charity’s training department in 2006. Canadian born, she lives in Sorn and travels throughout the UK on behalf of Epilepsy Scotland. She is a qualified general nurse and midwife. Lesslie delivered a hugely informative, ... More

Jack Rigg – Artist and Educator – 29 October 2019

Jack Rigg has spent most of his life in Ayrshire. After his early education at Kilmarnock Academy, Jack attended and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, specialising in fine art drawing and painting. Thereafter Jack taught in Ayrshire schools for 41 years before retiring, intending to paint, write and play golf. He ... More

Newton Primary School – 17 September 2019

Fiona McAvoy, head teacher at Newton Primary School, ably assisted by her colleagues Daniella Miller (deputy head) and Nicola Killick (principal teacher), gave the members a wonderful insight into working life at the school, support for which is to be one of the club’s main community projects this year. To kick things ... More

Craig Wilson reveals his passion for the Mini

On 10 Sept 2019, we discovered our own Craig Wilson is an expert on the mini.! He took us through the development, from the original design by Alex Issigonis, who started the project in 1956. His brief was to design a car with just 160 cubic feet, the dimensions being 10 ft by 4 ft by 4 ft. The first mini went into ... More

Home Energy Solutions – 20 August 2019

Jackie Flannery of Home Energy Scotland came along to the club to educate us about the work of HES and the benefits it provided by way of reducing domestic fuel bills and carbon emissions. In a highly polished and entertaining talk she gave an insight to the many ways we could be more efficient in our use of fuel to heat ... More

Lord Lieutenant Iona McDonald OBE – 13 August 2109

Recently-retired Sheriff and current Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire & Arran, Iona McDonald, was the very welcome guest speaker at our special meeting in the Brig o’ Doon hotel, Alloway. The also-very-welcome, warm, evening sun shone on the garden of the hotel where members and guests had gathered prior to the formalit... More

Jimmy Johnston MBE – District Governor – 30 July 2019

This year’s new District 1230 Governor, Jimmy Johnston’s address to our members was something of a lighthearted novelty. He joked his way through a thoroughly entertaining twenty-minute address whilst liberally sprinkling it with (much-deserved!) compliments about our club and the many charitable projects in which we ... More

The ARK Project – 23 July 2019

The Ayr Ark is a youth project situated down by the Citadel in Ayr and was originally established through an initiative of twelve local, partner churches.  It aims to provide a safe alternative to the many peer pressures that young people are faced with by running diversionary events in an alcohol-free, night-club ... More