Mark Baines on Charles Rennie MacKintosh – 16 July 2019

Last year, Mark Baines, himself a qualified architect with a passion for the work of the early Glasgow architects, delivered a well-received talk to members on Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. Mark returned last week with an equally interesting talk on another notable contributor to the architecture of Glasgow – Charles ... More

John Campbell – A77 Action Group – 9 July 2019

John Campbell is an articulate, plain speaking Ayrshire man with a wealth of facts at his fingertips in all matters relating to the history, economy and safety of the A77 through South Ayrshire and beyond. His talk to the club, with no prompts or illustrations except a big road map of Scotland, demonstrated his confide... More

Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA) – 2 July 2019

Hazel Vanzetta from Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA) came along to the club to explain that the organisation is the local Third Sector Interface. It is recognised by the Scottish Government and South Ayrshire Council as fulfilling a key role in ensuring the continued development of a robust Third Sector in South ... More

Seawater Farming and Coastal Protection – 4 June 2019

Glasgow-based Yanik Nyberg is a young man with great ambition and aspirations to help save our planet from environmental catastrophe. In a relaxed and level-toned manner he explained to the members how close Scotland and the rest of the world is to reaching a point of no return from the disastrous effects of climate ... More

Turnberry Aerodrome – Margaret Morrell – 14 May 2019

We were treated to an excellent talk by guest speaker Margaret Morrell on the history of Turmberry aerodrome. Here was a lady who evidently had all the important facts at her fingertips having spent much of her adult life engaged in meticulous research to uncover the many untold stories of this important military ... More

Willie Kidd – The Steam and Stirling Engine – 7 May 2019

Our guest speaker, Willie Kidd, wowed the members with his exhibition of wonderful working models of steam engines and the amazing Stirling engine. These are Willie’s passion, as was evident in his talk, and his interest was kindled many years ago by a Sunday Post article on the Stirling engine. Being a Kilmarnock man ... More

Allan & Lynn McWillliam – Adventures on the Amazon

Using a myriad of slides from each of the four ports of call on the Amazon,, Allan and Lynn held our attention with tales of their exploits during a four week cruise. The first port was Manaus which is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of the Negro River in northwestern Brazil, the capital of the ... More

“Shot at Dawn” – Alex Hall – 9 April 2019

Amateur historian, Alex Hall delivered an entertaining but poignant presentation on the terrible fate of many, young soldiers who were judged to have contravened military regulations during World War 1. He began with a reminder of the Major recruitment drive initiated in 1914 by Lord (Herbert) Kitchener, Secretary of ... More

Catherine Mills on Van Gogh – 2 April 2019

Catherine Mills is a distant relative of Vincent Van Gogh and entertained the members with her knowledge of the artist. Using PowerPoint slides she brought home the wealth and prolific range of his drawings, illustrations and paintings. Being a troubled young man, from a middle class Dutch background, he had attempted to ... More

Ayrshire Lace Industry – 26 March 2019

We were recently honoured by the guest presence of two members from the Rotary Club of Loudoun. Ian Pollock had come to tell us about the history of lace-making in Ayrshire and he was ably assisted by his demonstrator for the evening, Bill Bryden. Ian is a proud Ayrshire man, born and raised in Newmilns, and is company ... More