Ayrshire win Curling Match against Glasgow

Ayrshire v Glasgow

Jim Nelson, Ayrshire’s organiser receives the trophy from his Glasgow counterpart.

Plenty stories were shared of near misses...

Plenty stories were shared of near misses…

The annual curling match between Ayrshire and Glasgow was held on 14 March 2016 at Ayr Ice Rink. Three Ayrshire rinks were represented with players from six different Rotary clubs.

Rinks skipped by Charlie Steele and Donnie Shedden won, with Jim Wilson’s rinks losing, but overall Ayrshire were 5 shots up giving them the trophy. Great Rotary fellowship continued during the meal afterwards. Next year the match will be held at Hamilton Ice Rink.


Ayrshire Rotary League

With no league fixtures taking place in 2015  and 2016, owing to falling number of curlers, the AGM of the Ayrshire League agreed to close the bank account and not arrange further league games. However there was sufficient enthusiasm to arrange a couple of Bonspiels and play for the Billy Dunlop Trophy. Jim Nelson from Ayr agreed to be the organiser of these matches for 2016/17.