Ayrshire Fire & Rescue Service – 26 September ‘23

The members were treated this week to a talk from two very experienced firemen from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Station Commander (Ayr Community Fire Station) Gordon Cairns and Group Commander Rod Anderson. Their presence was particularly appreciated since they had both been involved over the previous 48 hours attending to a major fire in the derelict, former Ayr Station Hotel building.

Gordon and Rod made us aware of the many challenging issues facing today’s Fire Service. These challenges include financing, jurisdiction and recruitment of personnel whilst having to maintain a sustainable strategy to modernise and deal with increasing demand and ever-changing problems associated with the effects of climate change. One only needs to glance at the Service’s website to appreciate the full extent of its activities and the consequent demands on today’s firemen and women were made clear to all during the presentation.

Inevitably, many of the questions directed at Gordon and Rod during the following Q&A session concerned the fire at the hotel and, whilst respecting the sensitive nature of the situation locally, they both gave the questioners clear and concise responses.

In his vote of thanks Ron Ireland remarked that we all appreciate the SFRS’s vital and courageous service in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community.