Ayrshire Coastal Path gets more Publicity

The Ayrshire Coastal Path, created and managed by Ayr Rotary Club, was targeted by BBC Radio Scotland’s “Out-of-Doors” programme makers for a feature to be broadcast this Saturday morning (19th January) at 06.30 am. For those of you who don’t know 06.30 am then catch up on Radio iPlayer.

Mark Stephen, the show’s presenter, was accompanied by six of the regular “pathminders” who, every week, work hard to maintain and improve the path to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

This is not the first time the ACP has been the subject of an Out-of-Doors broadcast. Four years ago, Mark Stephen walked the path from Dunure to Culzean with Rotary members Jimmy Begg, Gus Iannotti and Harry Peters. This time Jimmy and Gus were back again along with Ron Ireland, Paul Williams, and two non-Rotarian pathminders, Bob Gibson and Chris Swaine. This time they proudly showed Mark the fruits of their recent labours by walking the Smugglers Brae and the Fisherton Gully where a combined total of around 200 helpful steps had been built, some with timber sleepers and some with local rocks, to facilitate the arduous climbs and descents. These were completed only recently, after three winters of hard graft by the pathminders.